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Mooresville, NC Certified DRC Mediator

Vicki Wilson is a Certified Family Law Financial Mediator.  She helps parties to family law disputes/cases come to Win/Win Agreements that each side can be satisfied with.

Mediation is an option to consider when:
  • Funds are limited, making going to court a financial burden
  • You and the other party are able to be reasonable
  • You have most issues worked out and only need to settle one or two issues such as custody/visitation, child support or division of assets.
  • You don't have your issues worked out yet, but you believe you will be able to reach an agreement with the help of an objective third party.

   Mediation is a low-cost alternative to going to court.  Some of the advantages of Mediation are:

  •      Known Cost - You won't have to guess at how much reaching an agreement will cost you because Vicki gives you her fee charge upfront so you can focus on your case instead of the cost.
  •      Preserve Relationships-  Fighting it out in court can result in a damaged relationship between you and the other party that may never improve.  If you have to co-parent with the other party for years, you may want to try to maintain a non-hostile relationship for your children's benefit.
  •      Keep Your Dignity...and Your Privacy -   People seem to "tell it all" in court.  Secrets are revealed, dirty laundry is aired.  Often, to no avail, as the court's ruling may be the same or less favorable than if you had kept the personal business private and reached a private settlement. Each case is different regarding this issue.
  •      You Keep More Control -   Once you go into the courtroom, the judge rules.  You no longer get to say what the outcome will be.  You will present your evidence and ask for the outcome you want, but you will have to abide by what the judge says if you do not get the ruling you desired. 

           With mediation, you have a choice in the outcome.  If you can not reach an
           agreement that you are satisfied with, then you do not agree and you can
           file in court if you haven't already filed an action.  You get to try to reach the
           outcome you want or at least close to what you want, before giving up
           your control over your case.

  •      Faster Results -    You probably want to resolve your issues and move on with your life as quickly as possible.  Getting a court date can often take a minimum of a month if there is no emergency and then there may be continuances that further delay your case being heard.  Mediation can often take from two to six hours and you're done.    

                                    To See if Mediation is Right for You,
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     If you would like to have your case mediated, Call Vicki today 704.360.2668

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